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RF Shielding Cell Phone Case

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80 million more ask this same question every night. Poor sleep is an Epidemic and a health concern for adults, teens and children in America and across the Globe.

According to the CDC (Centers for Decease Control) 60% of Americans find getting enough or proper sleep a challenge or just impossible. Have your bedrooms evaluated and mitigated for EMF pollution.

Many times there are Simple Solutions! for better sleep for the whole family.

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    A Ha! Solutions

  Raising RF Shielding to a Fashion Form!

Designing RF (radio frequency) Shielding Cell Phone Cases, Bags and Lap Protectors



RF Shielding Cell Phone Bags

EMF Solutions for Healthier More Productive Living

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Credit Cards held in phone case are secure from evil hackers.



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RF Shielding Cell Phone Case,

Bag or Lap Protectors!


*   Are you trying to start a family,?

*   Is your child overly hyper active?

*   Are you unable to get a good nights sleep?

*   Do you have ringing in ears or a skin rash?

Lower the EMF/RF Pollution in your Living,

Work and Play Environments.

Donate $3,500 or More and our

EMF Specialist and Electrical Contractor

will Educate, Evaluate and Help Mitigate  EMF/RF Pollution in your Home or Office.

Please contact LHP for initial evaluation. Very few restrictions apply. 


You have your own Color Combination OR Design, Image, Picture in mind?  FABULOUS!

RF Shielding Lap Protectors

Kids & Adults

LHP RF Shielding Cell Phone Cases are hand made and crafted out of beautiful leather and suede. Each Case is one of a kind!Answer a call or make a call then close the

front cover. You will be heard and you will clearly hear the other person on the phone. You are now protecting your body from harmful RF radiation that Scientists, Health

Care Professionals and the Federal Government have classified as a health risk.


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LHP Cell Phone Cases & Bags Reduce

(Attenuate) Harmful RF Radiation Energy

by Over 400 X's

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Most cell phone models available.


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LHP Lap Protectors shield your body from harmful RF Radiation. Use them under your laptop, gaming device or tablet.

Perfect for kids whether they are waiting in the doctors office  playing with their gaming device or your cell phone, or when they are playing their XBox at home.

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