Larry Gust

Larry Gust, is an electrical engineer.

He is a certified Building Biologist and a mold mitigator. Larry is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor through the Safe Wireless Initiative.

As a Board Member of LHP, Larry will use his vast experience and knowledge to participate in product development and EMF evaluation and mitigation.

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Living Harmony Project

Board of Directors

A balance between Mother Nature and Technology is an obtainable goal.The leading EMF Specialists work with Living Harmony Project to help us achieve our purpose.

William Holland has come on board as our Director of Operations. William is an EMF Specialist and Electrical Contractor who specializes in EMF Mitigation. Much of EMF Mitigation can only be done by a licensed Electrical Contractor who knows the science and the Building & Safety codes.

Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant Oram Miller is known Worldwide for his expertise of EMF pollution.Oram speaks on radio and television as an EMF expert and has published several papers on EMF Mitigation.Oram sits on LHP Board of Directors.

Electrical Engineer and Building Biologist Larry Gust has decades of EMF evaluation and mitigation experience along with extensive knowledge and experience with environmental mold concerns.

When you Donate $3,000  or more Living Harmony Project
EMF Specialist will evaluate your home or office and mitigate possible EMF issues.
(call LHP to discuss further details)

Oram Miller

Oram is a Bau (Building) Biologist, Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.  Oram is a highly respected educator and professional in the field of electromagnetic and radio frequency pollution. A prolific author of articles on EMF and RF mitigation, Oram has years of experience and knowledge in creating healthier living spaces.

William Holland, Executive
Director of Operations.

William is an Electrical Contractor and Owner of Holland Electrical and My Quiet Home. As an EMF Specialist and Consultant William works with Scientists, Bau Biologists and Engineers developing and implementing contemporary healthy low EMF  construction protocols. William is committed to working  with disadvantaged families who care for the disabled and communities that are negatively impacted by EMF pollution.  

Zach Pelzel

Zack Pelzel Is the founder and driving force behind the company The Purified Home. He is uniquely qualified to command the home purification process, leveraging extensive experience in the building industry, a career as a professional athlete, and five years of research and clinical practice towards a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The Purified Home’s four-pillar philosophy is key for identifying issues that compromise our well-being and creating lasting harmony in the home environment.

Monica Sheehan,
Executive Director

Helping Living Harmony Project grow and thrive will use all of Monica's past production, administrative and fund raising talents that have been cultivated by working in the production industry and working with other non-profits. Monica develops and designs the LHP RF Shielding Cell Phone Cases, Bags and Lap Protectors.

Dr. Sherwood Holland

Sherwood has a Doctorate in Nutrition and is a hard working Health Care Educator. She understands and promotes the importance of public awareness and education on EMF & RF pollution. Working as a Registered Nurse for many years, Sherwood is an advocate of preventative health care.

Designing EMF Solutions With Purpose!


Natural Harmony and Balance is necessary

between People and the Natural World

including Animals, Plants and Mother Earth.

"Commitment is an act, not a word."
Jean-Paul Sartre

Contact Monica with any questions 310 383 9781

Living Harmony Project (LHP) is a 501(c)3 not for profit

Your contributions FUND our Outreach Projects helping those less fortunate, disabled, financially challenged,

live Healthier more Productive Lives.

                     All contributions are 100% tax deductible so you benefit while helping others thrive.

 When you contribute  $135  or more to LHP we show our appreciation

by sending you an RF Shielding Gift: Cell Phone Case, a Cell Phone Bag

or a RF Shielding Lap Protector to use with your laptop, tablet or gaming device.

The Lap Pad is great for kids who hold a game device on their lap.

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